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Gifts for men, if you are a woman, can be really difficult to shop for sometimes! You may know what types of things your man likes, but which one do you buy? What brand of cologne? What style of watch? What other gifts for men are popular? Learn all about shopping for gifts for men here, and be guaranteed your man will love you even more after he opens his presents this year!

Most popular gifts for men:

  • Cologne
  • Clothes
  • Watches
  • Wallets
  • Electronics


Cologne is one of the best and most popular gifts for men. When it comes to getting your man cologne, it’s hard to know what kind of scents he likes. Without being too conspicuous, take a look at the brands of cologne he owns already. Write them down, then consult this page for colognes that are similar to those so you know he’ll love his new gift. If you don’t care whether he knows you’re getting him cologne already, then go to Bloomingdales, Sephora or a similar store, and smell all the colognes; spraying your favorites onto the sample sheets and writing their names down on the corresponding sheet. Then take them home and let your man smell each one and tell you his favorites. Gifts for men shopping, piece of cake!

If he owns…more than 2 bottles of the same brand of cologne (eg. Polo by Ralph Lauren and Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren)

Then he’ll like…most likely, another type of cologne by that same brand. Like in the example above, you’d best be off buying him another Ralph Lauren cologne, like, Romance by Ralph Lauren

If he owns any of these crisp, fresh colognes, then he’ll like others on this list:

Giorgio Armani “Acqua Di Gio”, Ralph Lauren “Polo Blue”, Dolce & Gabanna “Light Blue”, Bleu de Chanel, Chanel “Allure”, Davidoff “Cool Water”, Bulgari “Aqua Marine”, Armani “Code”, Cartier “Roadster Sport” or Prada “Amber”

If he owns any of these sweet or spice colognes, then he’ll like others on this list:

Calvin Klein “Shock, “Dunhill “Desire”, Burberry “Brit”, Gucci “Envy”, Davidoff “Hot Water”, Giorgio Armani “Attitude Extreme”, Cartier “Essence d’Orange”, Gucci “Guilty”, John Varvatos “Vintage”, Floris “Santal” or Dolce & Gabanna “The One”

Gifts for men - Acqua Di Gio cologne

If he has colognes from both lists, and he has a lot, then there’s one ultimate cologne to get him. Creed. If you haven’t heard of it, Creed is the best cologne and perfume in the world, and is made specially for royalty, world leaders, stars, and legends. You can read a brief history about them here. Creed cologne comes in many different scents, some of which are $150 a bottle, to $700 a bottle. You can even get personalized advice on which cologne or perfume is for you (or your partner), from the Creed company itself, by filling out a form on their website. You can buy Creed from their boutique website, Neiman Marcus, ritzy cologne/perfume boutiques, and sometimes on Amazon or eBay.

Gifts for men - Creed cologne


Buying clothes as gifts for men can be one of the hardest tasks! I would only recommend getting clothes as a gift if it’s for your husband, boyfriend, father or brother. If he’s your teenage or college-age son, don’t bother! You’ll never know what they like and when that’ll change! So, the first things to take note of are, what are his favorite brands, and what is his usual style? Remember, the best way for a man to shop for clothes is to physically be in the store, picking things out and trying them on. So, perhaps consider a gift card to his favorite stores for a fail-proof gift. But, if you are keen on picking him out some clothes, then follow these steps:

  • It’s best to shop at his favorite stores or shop for his favorite brands. You’re way more likely to get him something he likes this way. For example if he really loves Levi, try just getting him a neat pair of Levi jeans, or, if he loves Armani, look through a bunch of Armani shirts and pick out some nice ones you could see him wearing.
  • Don’t go wild–stick to a style he follows most of the time. If he occasionally gets something a little out-of-the-ordinary, he bought it while in a bold mood, so it’s best to let him pick out his own slightly bolder things. Stick to what you know he’ll like.
  • Don’t get him socks or underwear–these items are not exciting to men as they may be to women. They may be a present that will get lots of use, but they are definitely not going to guarantee excitement.
  • If you’re going to get him a tie, take note of his wardrobe at home first, and figure out what color/pattern of tie would go with most of his shirts. Can you see him wearing this tie you’ve picked out, often? Men like things they can make use of, that they wear regularly, that doesn’t feel like a waste of space or money. If you go with a bold tie, then make sure it’s themed a way you know he loves, or that you know will go fantastically with some of his suits.
  • Make sure you get his exact sizes before going shopping! If you don’t want to ask him as to not give away your gift, go look in his closet. Write down the most popular size among his shirts, shorts, pants, sweaters and jackets. This way, you are ready for anything you find whilst shopping. Men hate it when they get clothes as gifts that don’t fit, and have to go through the bother of exchanging it for a new size. Try to avoid this as much as possible!


Watches as gifts for men can be expensive, but rewarding. A watch from his girl can be one of the best presents a man could receive. But, I would only recommend getting this gift for your man if you know exactly what watch he wants. Like if you know he’s dying for the new Omega Speedmaster, then get that for him! But if you have no idea what kind of watch he would like, then it’s best to choose another gift to get him. Here’s a tip: if he wears only one watch every day, always the same, it would be best to not get him a watch as a gift. It would be too hard to pick one out that you can be sure he’ll like, and he’s obviously the simple kind of watch-wearer, who loves his usual watch. If he’s the kind of guy that changes his watch often, then notice what brands of watches he has, and try to shop for a watch of the same brand as one of those. But the most important thing to remember when shopping for watches as gifts for men is to only get one that is good quality. Which will be a little expensive, so if you’re looking for a cheaper gift idea, don’t go with a watch. A great all-around brand of watch to get your man is a Rolex, which are usually priced between $5,000-$50,000. But if you’re aiming for something cheaper then go with an Omega, which is usually between $3,000-$6,000. Or, if you really have money to spend, and are looking for an ultimate watch for your man, then go with a Patek Philippe, priced $15,000 and up. Which can mean, WAY UP. These watches are considered an heirloom piece.

Gifts For Men - Patek Philippe Watch


Great gifts for men include wallets–an item a man always needs and will always be replacing. The trick is, what kind of wallet to get. My advice: only buy leather wallets. Or if you want to go the extra mile, get him a crocodile or lizard wallet, which are the ultimate wallets for men. But what brand do you get? Well it depends on your price range. If you shop at Neiman Marcus or Saks then any wallet you buy there will be good. :) If you are shopping at a department store like Bloomindales or Nordstrom, then you’re looking at wallets within the $50-$350 price range. A crocodile wallet on the other hand is around $500-$700, from Neiman Marcus for example. Great wallet brands as gifts for men include Brioni, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Versace, or Tumi. A slightly cheaper alternative are brands like Fossil, Hugo Boss and Tommy Bahama.
Gifts for men - Brioni Wallet


Electronics are always great gifts for men. Whether it’s a new set of speakers, an iPad, or new video game console, you can almost always be sure your man will love his gift as long as you know what he likes. If he loves his iPhone and his Macbook, get him an iPad. If he loves his Xbox, get him a Wii. If his TV is old, get him a new flatscreen. Which are surprisingly cheap today! Even a new pair of high-quality headphones will impress him. Brands like Sennheiser, Bose and AKG are really good. Electronic accessories are another great gift idea–a new laptop case, iPhone case, or even an iPhone/iPod compatible cord for his car so he can play his mp3’s while driving. Try to think of his hobbies and his likes… Does he love loud music? Get him a new speaker set, like the brand Bowers and Wilkins. Does he love watching movies? Get him an Apple TV. Does he love taking photos? Get him a nice camera, digital for the techy or compact system for the artsy. Is he always at the office? Get him some neat high-quality office supplies. If you’re unsure, get him a gift card to Best Buy–any guy loves going into Best Buy with money to blow!

Gifts for men - Best Buy

Another idea for gifts for men I didn’t go over was sports items, equipment and clothing. If your man is athletic and sporty, get him a soccer ball or basketball, with a note that says you’ll play with him, or get him some Adidas or Nike sport/workout clothes or shoes. Is he a golf guy? Is he a fishing guy? Is he a gym junkie? These hobbies can invoke many great gift ideas. Or if you want the easy way out, get him a Dick’s Sporting Goods or Big 5 Sporting Goods gift card!

Gifts for men - Dick's Sporting Goods

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