Cufflinks are the true standard for a traditionally-dressed gentleman. Dress shirts with only buttons at the wrist are common, but were originally invented instead of needing cufflinks as a cheap and simple alternative. Therefore, wearing cufflinks with any nice shirt is looked highly upon and a must for a formal event.

For those youngsters who don’t know what cufflinks are, cufflinks go through the holes on the wrists on dress shirts that do not have buttons:


There are many types of cufflinks, but the standard style of cufflinks are bullet back and toggle closure cufflinks, also known as hinged back cufflinks, which are the easiest to put on.

Cufflinks Designs

  • Bullet Back and Toggle Closure OR Hinged Back Cufflinks

Cufflinks - bullet back and toggle

  • Fixed Backing OR Push-Through Cufflinks

Cufflinks - fixed

  • Whale Back Closure Cufflinks

Cufflinks - whale back

  • Chain Link Cufflinks

Cufflinks - chain link

  • Ball Return Cufflinks

Cufflinks - ball return

These cufflinks designs mentioned above are the most common, as there are more, such as double faced cufflinks, which are harder to find. Cufflinks can also come in many different materials and styles.

Cufflinks usually come in either:

  • Silver
  • Gold

Cufflinks can come in many different shapes and sizes. You can get cufflinks as traditional as sterling silver circle cufflinks or as unique and fad-ish as ‘iPhone’ cufflinks.

Cufflinks - iphone cufflinks

Cufflinks Brands

You can get very high-end brand cufflinks, which are stylish with a dressy outfit or suit. Jewelry stores and brands make the best cufflinks, such as Tiffany, Cartier, etc. But many high-end fashion brands also make very nice cufflinks, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. Department stores are a good place to shop for cufflinks because they have a wide variety, ranging in price from cheap to fairly expensive.

Cufflinks - Gucci cufflinks

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